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Welcome to ABC Educational Consulting

Through ABC Educational Consulting, I am dedicated to helping you achieve your goals by showing you how to define them on your own standards--not society's. My services offer a range of professional and educational development. From curating program curriculums to personal 1:1 coaching, I use a unique experience to uncover your passion, your purpose, and your truth.

ABC Educational Consulting serves those who are ready to go to the next level in their careers, relationships, and everyday decision-making. Using my experiences as an educator and entrepreneur, I'll help you achieve real solutions and experience your desired results. Click the button below and let's chat!

We Offer...

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Educational Consulting

Being innovative in the education field can be difficult at times. With our curriculum development programs, you are sure to be ahead of the curve with engaging content for students of all ages.



Pushing past societal standards is not for the weak. Just like playing the game of spades, you have to "play to WIN." Allow Coach Ace to get you through the race and to the finish line!


Doula Services

With a higher death rate for black women during birth, our doula services provide emotional support and birthing resources to families who are bringing a new addition into the world.

Our Clients

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Tyrean "Heru" Lewis
CEO of Heru Urban Farming

ABC Educational Consulting LLC designed a Middle and High School curriculum for Heru Urban Farming and we are extremely pleased with the results. Every subject matter that we wanted to include corresponded with the Missouri Standards and Adrianne even gave suggestions on how to make it more complete and inclusive for students in the program. ABC educational consulting provided detailed flip charts and they offered to help us facilitate some courses as well. She is professional and easy to work with. I recommend Adrianne and ABC to anyone who is looking for an educational program curriculum designed.

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