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Meet Coach Ace

Believe it or not, I grew up quite spoiled. I got everything I wanted from my parents. My dad created a spoiled brat. I graduated college in 2010 and just got accepted into my Master's program. I was getting ready to move to Missouri in 2011 to begin. I was excited for this new chapter. However, on January 19th, my whole world changed. My dad died of a massive heart attack. Everything I know. Everything I knew. My security blanket--was gone.

Even in the midst of my grief, I still stepped out on faith and moved later that year. A bit later than I'd planned, but I still did it. I was a teacher at the time and I remember teaching my very first kindergarten class out of college. From the outside looking in, things looked okay. But on the inside, it was difficult. My dad was the patriarch of my family--the glue that held us together. I felt like I needed to uphold that standard. It was hard; the person who always walked through the door with a smile would never walk through that door again. 

If I had never moved, I would've never finished my program. People thought that I was solely leaving my home city for the wrong reasons. Some people in my life were supportive, others were not. I'd lived for everyone else my whole 22 years of life; I've made decisions based on what others thought--but this time it was for me. 

Are you asking yourself, is this time for you? 

Suffering in silence, but I pressed on. I dealt with very bad panic, anxiety attacks and nightmares. I was sad, but I never let it show. I now know that I should have gone to a grief counselor--something I advocate for others. When I got to Missouri, it was very different than my hometown of Chicago. 

For so long, I felt like I had to live life in a certain "order," checking off the imaginary boxes in a certain sequence. I had to make my family proud, right? But through challenges, I've experienced growth. I've learned life lessons. There were times that I was the strong friend; people didn't know I was going through my own struggle. 

Are you the strong friend without anyone to listen to you? Are you going through your own struggle in silence?

Today, as a certified life coach, I help guide you in achieving your life goals by defining them by your standards--not society's. Not someone else's. I do this through my practice, ABC Educational Consulting. I had to learn that I didn't have to tick off the imaginary boxes in some order deemed by whomever. I get to determine what they look like. In fact, there is no box if I don't want it to  

Let's see which boxes have been holding you back and how we can crush them so you can live the life you desire. 

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Through ABC Educational Consulting, I am dedicated to helping you achieve your goals by showing you how to define them on your own standards--not society's. My services offer a range of professional and educational development. From curating program curriculums to personal 1:1 coaching, I use a unique experience to uncover your passion, your purpose, and your truth.

ABC Educational Consulting serves those who are ready to go to the next level in their careers, relationships, and everyday decision-making. Using my experiences as an educator and entrepreneur, I'll help you achieve real solutions and experience your desired results. Click the button below and let's chat!

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